Eight X Apparel | My Favorite Shirt Brand

Eight X Apparel | My Favorite Shirt Brand

Bold button-down shirts. They’re stylish, fun, incredibly versatile, and these ones from Eight X are my absolute favorite.

A gentleman's button-down shirt is an integral part of every adult male’s wardrobe. Whether you’re dressing for the office, a night out, or even a casual dinner with friends, a button-down is your stealthiest wingman.

While it’s easy to grab a basic white button-down shirt, if you’ve watched my videos you know I prefer to infuse a bit more vibrance and flair into my wardrobe. After spending years searching for the perfect shirt brand, I’ve found one in particular that stands out for their fit, quality, and of course, wild prints. Behold Eight X Apparel.

About Eight X Apparel

Eight X Apparel is an urban-inspired menswear clothing brand that offers fashion-forward prints and styles. Their bold patterns and vibrant prints are designed for you to express your vision and style.

Eight X produces extremely high quality shirts that are guaranteed to make a statement. The brand is proudly committed to sourcing premium fibers as the foundation of their high-grade cotton pieces ensuring that each shirt keeps its shape, color, and integrity over years of wears and washes. Plus, they’re ultra comfortable.

If you, too, dream beyond the standard button-up, then you’ll want to add a few of their expressive, long-lasting, and confidence-boosting pieces to your wardrobe. Keep scrolling to see my top picks from this modern brand.

My Top Picks from Eight X Apparel

Stanford Stripe Ex Frog Linen Shirt

Look sharp this summer in the Stanford Stripe Ex Frog Linen Shirt in orange. Handmade from a soft, breathable linen-cotton blend, this shirt is your perfect warm-weather companion! Stay cool and comfortable all day long without compromising your style.

Red Paisley Print Button Down

Made from 100% cotton, the Red Paisley Button Down from Eight X is for anyone with a bold personality. The paisley print and contrasting blue trim add a touch of liveliness to the already vibrant red fabric, a combination that will certainly make you stand out for the right reasons. The modern slim fit cut completes this confident look.

Red Paisley Button Down Eight X

Jacquard Button Down Shirt W/Small Checkered Trim

The Jacquard Button Down Shirt is an excellent choice for men who are just stepping into the world of wild colors and prints. The light blue color and modern checkered pattern strike the right balance between daring and classic. This shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in a flattering slim fit cut.

Penguins Short Sleeve Shirt

Fun, fashion-forward, and totally unique, this Penguins Short Sleeve Button Down is a playful addition to any man’s wardrobe. Featuring a fun penguin pattern with a black and yellow trim, this 100% cotton shirt pairs perfectly with khaki, white, black, or yellow shorts and pants.

This & That Short Sleeve Shirt

A dynamic combination of shapes and colors, the This & That short sleeve shirt from Eight X is an undeniably cheerful addition to your wardrobe. The high quality pure cotton fabric makes this shirt ideal for any weather, while the slim fit provides a smart and confident look.

Tips for Styling Printed Button Downs

The sky's the limit when it comes to styling printed button downs, and there really is no right or wrong way to incorporate them into your outfits. The most important thing to remember is that whichever style or pattern you choose should make you feel confident and comfortable.

If you’re just beginning to dabble with bold prints and patterns, here are a few basic guidelines to help get you started.

  • If you think it’s too bold to pull off, remember that patterned button-downs come in a wide range of designs, from wild to a bit more subdued (but still being really fun). Try starting out with the checkered Jacquard button down shirt I mentioned above, or something similar. This combination of color and pattern can still add some flair to your wardrobe without pushing you so far out of your comfort zone that you avoid wearing it.

  • In terms of fit, sizing is key. To maintain a sharp look, always be sure your shirt is the right size - not too tight, yet not oversized.

  • When styling bold patterned shirts, try to keep the rest of your outfit pretty plain. Think: solid color pants and nothing too wild when it comes to your shoes.


There are many benefits to wearing a patterned button-down shirt. When it comes to Eight X Apparel, their shirts are exceptionally high quality, versatile, and can be worn in a variety of settings.

These shirts are a great way to show off your unique style, and with nearly 500 different shirts and patterns available, there is sure to be one that fits your personality!

To view the whole collection, head to my shop.